GMM: Daimajin Strikes Again (1966)

We wonder about birds in Japanese culture and talk about how tHis mOvie Is AbOuT fAmIlY in our episode for the 1966 film Daimajin Strikes Again. Yes, we cover the 3rd movie as the 2nd movie. Right Click and Save As to Download Time 03:18 History 06:39 Plot 08:32 Talking Points 15:36 Messages 22:42Continue reading “GMM: Daimajin Strikes Again (1966)”

GMM: Daimajin (1966)

We got Endgame Spoilers and red butt skin in our episode for the 1966 film Daimajin. We also cover greed, betrayal, and the price of rebellion. Right Click and Save As to Download Time 03:27 History 08:58 Plot 12:37 Talking Points 23:17 Messages 30:29 Final Thoughts 35:34 Listener Feedback Contact us at: GiantMonsterMessages@gmail.comContinue reading “GMM: Daimajin (1966)”

GMM: Invasion of Astro Monster (1965)

Unification and individualism, finding humanity, and doing things for love are topics we cover, plus many more, in our episode covering the 1965 film Invasion of Astro Monster. Also, GMan is awesome enough to join us again. Right Click and Save As to Download Time 01:47 History 25:47 Plot 30:52 Talking Points 52:33 MessagesContinue reading “GMM: Invasion of Astro Monster (1965)”

GMM: Gamera (1965)

We learn the difference between a turtle and a tortoise in our episode for the 1965 film Gamera. We also discuss the difference between Intent and Innocence and Present and Future Kenny. Also, there is fire. Right Click and Save As Time 01:35 History 08:03 Plot 13:03 Talking Points 26:30 Messages 37:12 Final ThoughtsContinue reading “GMM: Gamera (1965)”

GMM:Frankenstein vs Baragon (1965)

Of course we Ask a Scientist. We also talk a lot about the original Frankenstein book, you should read it. And of course, lots of comparing to Godzilla, the only kind of talk you could get from two people who have seen every giant monster film up until this film, The 1965 Frankenstein vs Baragon.Continue reading “GMM:Frankenstein vs Baragon (1965)”

GMM: Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster (1964)

We have off topic Spock, a surprise Ask a Scientist and Ask a Theologian segments, and discuss Power and Responsibility next to Faith and Hope in our episode for the 1964 film Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster. Right Click and Save As to Download Time 01:51 History 12:18 Plot 16:00 Talking Points 34:12 Messages 43:48Continue reading “GMM: Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster (1964)”

GMM: Dogora (1964)

We talk Diamonds and Coal in this episode for the 1964 film Dogora. We remind ourselves that there is no bad writing, and no matter what you tell us Mark Jackson is a Diamond Thief. Also, BEES BEES BEES! Right Click and Save As to Download Time 02:16 History 10:40 Plot 14:40 Talking PointsContinue reading “GMM: Dogora (1964)”

GMM: Mothra vs Godzilla (1964)

There is a train, but you can’t hear it, in our episode for the 1964 film Mothra vs Godzilla.  We discuss human trafficking vs kidnapping and ask is this is the best monster reveal in a monster movie. We also wonder if God plays no favorites. Right Click and Save As to Download TimeContinue reading “GMM: Mothra vs Godzilla (1964)”

GMM: Atragon (1963)

Taylor doesn’t know how to talk, Joshua answers our questions for a Theologian, and there is far too much History and Nationalism in our episode for the 1963 film Atragon. Right Click and Save As to Download Time 01:24 History 15:31 Plot 18:58 Talking Points 31:01 Messages 39:05 Final Thoughts 43:54 Listener Feedback ReferencesContinue reading “GMM: Atragon (1963)”